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Tree Trimming and Pruning is essential for optimal tree health

At Katy Tree Pros, we provide several trimming and pruning options to make sure your trees keep looking as healthy and beautiful as possible. Tree Trimming and pruning is essential for maintaining your trees’ health and encouraging future growth. Trimming and pruning also serves as preventative maintenance against more serious problems any tree or hedge could experience. You definitely don’t want to wait until a tree has become overgrown and unruly before taking care of it. Without proper maintenance, a tree can become a danger hazard requiring emergency tree removal. It’s very important to hire a certified arborist for this type of work, as trimming your trees yourself could lead to major damage.

Why Tree Trimming Is Important

You already know that Tree Trimming and Tree Pruning is great for keeping your landscape tidy. But there’s many other reasons why these Tree Care Services could be for you.

  • Giving your trees a good trim emphasizes their natural shape – thus making your property as attractive and appealing as possible
  • If your branches are too dense or numerous, the important elements can’t get through. Remember that trees need sunshine and rain to flourish!
  • Got gorgeous scenery on your landscape? A swimming pool, an important landmark, a green valley, a natural lake? Overgrown, unshapely trees in the immediate view makes them much harder to see and enjoy!
  • Want your trees to survive as long as possible? Remember, trees become weaker without trimming and pruning!
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What Are The Benefits of Tree Trimming?

Improved Tree Health

Regular use of our tree pruning services will promote the health of your trees. Tree trimming not only encourages new growth, it also helps prevent decay from spreading. Trees will also benefit from better exposure to sun and air circulation, allowing them to grow new and healthy branches.

Improved Curb Appeal

Overgrown branches and limbs that hang around and crowd over other plants can be unsightly and make a property look abandoned or neglected. Conversely, well-trimmed and maintained trees can really improve the appearance and curb appeal of a property.

Increased Exposure To Sunlight and Air Circulation

By clearing away excess branches and leaves, tree trimming and pruning makes way for maximum sunlight and rain to reach surrounding plants. You’d be surprised at how ground cover thrives when it’s not obstructed by leaf build-up or random fallen branches. With our tree trimming and pruning services, we make sure your whole landscape thrives.

Reduces Risks And Hazards

Unpruned trees can interfere with power lines, which could affect your home’s power or pose a fire risk. Overgrown branches may also reduce visibility for drivers, and pose a risk of injury from falling dead branches. Large limbs can also break off during and after heavy storms, causing severe damage to nearby buildings.

Promotes Good Structure and Shape

With professional trimming, you can guide the growth of your new trees and avoid branches from overcrowding in one area. This will most definitely improve the structure of the branches and make up for root loss. With consistent shaping and attention to structure, the strength and integrity of your trees is maximized, avoiding the need for additional tree care services.

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Why Choose Katy Tree Service for Your Next Project

Our customers know that when it comes to their trees our attention to detail is second to none. Trimming back potentially dangerous branches not only improve safety, but also give ground plants room to thrive in the elements. Nothing satisfies us more than delivering exactly what our customers ask for.

We’re passionate about making our services affordable for our customers. This is why we regularly check our prices against our competitors to ensure that our services are as affordable as they are efficient.

All of our employees are qualified arborists able to deliver top-notch tree pruning and tree trimming services in accordance with all regulatory organizations. We are backed by the Tree Care Industry Association and are licensed to run our state-of-the-art equipment. Lastly, we are insured in order to keep our workers and your property safe.

We’re proud to be professional, certified arborists – (even if you don’t choose us, we beg you, don’t ask for anything less for your tree care services!)

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