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Cabling and Bracing

In Texas, cabling and bracing installation is often necessary.

Because of the high frequency of thunder-storms and strong winds, the structural integrity of our trees can be at risk. Trees with multiple trunks, top-heavy branches, lopsided canopies, or highly mobile branches can be especially susceptible to damage during storms. Read on to learn more about the different types and techniques of cabling and bracing and how it can help keep your trees healthy and protect your property from harm.
We’ll pinpoint your tree’s structural weakness, identifying precisely where cabling and bracing installation is needed, and bring the tree back to integrity. By doing this, we can mitigate the risk of tree collapse or damage. We have decades of experience protecting and saving trees from the unpredictable weather we experience in Southeast Texas. We use all the latest equipment and techniques to get the job doing quickly and efficiently.
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What Is Cabling and Bracing?

Cabling and bracing are the most common methods for giving structural support for trees.

Arborists install rigid rods for bracing and flexible cables in order to support branches, redistribute stress points, and hold together cracking or split trunks and limbs. The overall goal is to aid the tree in giving structural support and to keep trees from dropping branches or breaking during strong storms or winds. Since older trees tend to be less flexible, they typically suffer from structural problems more than immature trees. Cables are usually installed high up in the canopy of the tree, while metal rods are installed lower, near the trunk and problem area. Generally, cables are a better alternative to rods since they are flexible and can redistribute weight strategically. They can also be employed without the use of rods.

When Is Cabling and Bracing Utilized?

Cabling and bracing are typically installed for three main reasons:

  • To prevent structural or limb failure in healthy trees with structural weaknesses (bark inclusion, V crotches, or cavities)
  • Restoration of an already weakened or damaged tree
  • To give support to a fundamentally weak tree. Certain species of trees naturally have weak wood or grow in a way that are prone to failure and break off with little stress.

Proper Cabling and Bracing can add 10-15 years of life onto your tree!

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Does Your Property Have Weak or Damaged Trees?

If you’re not sure whether your trees need structural support or not, give us a call for a free consultation. Our ICA certified and highly trained arborists can give you some great advice on how to keep your trees protected, healthy, and beautiful! Katy Tree Pros are your premium Tree Care Service for tree removal, tree trimming and pruning, tree root removal, tree stump removal and stump grinding.  Anything you can think of tree-related, we’ve got you covered!
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