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Katy Tree Pros is the leading tree care company in Southeast Texas! We can handle any tree – from fig to sycamore, oak, ash and much more. We are simply the best when it comes to tree removal, Katy TX has to offer! We can advise you on Tree Removal and Bush removal; including Emergency Tree Removal. We’ll listen to your needs – be it safety, tree health, clearance for construction, maintenance concerns, or aesthetics – and do what needs to be done. For any size tree, at any time, under any circumstances, we can handle the job. We know that, like trees, no client is the same. While we do try to make our pricing affordable for the community, it’s important to understand that tree removal is a dangerous job and must be done by a certified professional. We place utmost importance on quality, and our main mission is to make sure your property and trees are healthy and well-taken care of.
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How To Know If You Need Tree Removal

Unless you’re totally sure you want that tree gone, you’ll be wondering whether the tree should be removed or not. As a Tree care company with a trusty tree removal service; we’re here to help on all these questions. Removing a tree can be a hard decision – it might be a long-term part of your front yard landscape or perhaps it was planted by someone special. Before you get us out for a quote, the main thing to work out is whether your tree is salvageable. Here are some sure signs of a decaying or dead tree:

Check For These Signs

  • At the ends of the tree branches, there’s no living buds. There are just thin twigs, a bit like split ends when you need a haircut.
  • There are cavities in the trunk – holes or cracks – or in the large outer branches that otherwise scaffold the tree
  • The tree bark is peeling and/or the trunk appears to be splitting in places.
  • There are fungi (e.g. mushrooms) growing at the base of the tree trunk – fungi feeds on dead matter.
  • At the top of the tree, there are decaying or loose-hanging branches (again, these are parts of the tree that normally scaffold or hold the tree up)

What are the consequences if a dead tree isn’t removed in a timely manner?

The thing about dead trees is that, unless inspected, they might seem like they’re no risk to your property. Because of that it’s worth checking for the above signs. Unless it’s removed, a dead tree has a kind of silent breaking point, where suddenly you can be faced with a branch crashing through the roof during a storm or a disease you didn’t know was there affecting the whole landscape. That’s right – the death of your tree might have been caused by a pest or disease. At Katy Tree Pros we know that, unfortunately, Texas trees are commonly affected by pests or parasites like Mealy Oak Gall, Fusiform Rust, Elm Leaf Beetle, Fall Webworm and Leaf-Cutting Bees. We can assess your tree for these diseases and advise you if the tree needs to be removed, and, if so, our professional arborists will be there right away to remove the tree and thereby prevent any spread of bugs and diseases to the other trees on your property. Our tried and trusted Tree Removal Service will extract your dead tree safety and efficiently, so your landscape is protected and the site is cleared to bring new, healthy growth for whatever purpose you wish it for.
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Need A Tree Removed?

As our customers will tell you, there are plenty of good reasons to choose Katy Tree Pros:

We Provide Emergency Tree Services

We provide Emergency Tree Removal Services. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, we’ll come and remove a tree that’s causing danger to your property or the neighborhood. We’ll appraise and quote on the spot, and get started right away on the Tree Removal so your worry about safety and liability is immediately removed as well.

We Are Licensed and Insured

We are certified by the Tree Care Industry Association, for which we have to meet stringent requirements of skill and safety. We also make sure all our staff are insured to protect themselves as well as you and your property.

Our Pricing Is Competitive

We go the extra mile to make sure we’re quoting you a fair price. We break down the tasks required so we’re not just giving you a generic price. We regularly compare our pricing to that of our competitors to make sure we’re providing our customers with the absolute best value for their money.

We Only Hire Certified Arborists

Katy Tree Pros employs professional, experienced arborists who know their way around every tree in Texas! We are always at the top of our profession, taking training days and learning about the latest equipment so we can provide the best possible tree care and tree removal services to our valued customers.
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Why Choose Katy Tree Service for Your Next Tree Project

We hope you choose Katy Tree Service for all your trimming and pruning needs! Our attention to detail and extensive know-how and experience with local plants separates us from other tree care companies. Not only are our trimming services priced competitively, we only employ ISA certified arborists that truly care about the health and wellbeing of your shrubs, hedges, and trees. In addition to having experienced, trained, and certified staff, we also have premium liability insurance to ensure the safety of our workers and your property.
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