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Stump grinding is the process of removing the stump of a dead tree by chipping away at the wood with a grinding machine. At Katy Tree Pros we have the equipment and the professional personnel to get it done quickly and with minimal mess.

Our customers choose our stump grinding service for a number of reasons. For many, it is essential to getting that flawless lawn look after a tree has died. It also improves the safety of your property by removing a possible tripping and/or falling hazard, and frees up yard space; especially on smaller properties.

The stump of a dead tree can also attract unwelcome bugs and organic diseases. Katy Tree Pros stump grinders will ensure the pests take their business elsewhere!

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Types of Stump Removal

There are several ways to do stump removal. We will appraise your stump and design the best plan for removal.

Digging Out The Stump

Sometimes, simply digging out the stump is the best method, usually deployed when it’s clear that the roots can be exposed through digging and the stump thereby extracted. We use a steel shovel to dig around the stump until all the roots are exposed. We cut up the roots as required and extract the entire stump with a fork or a hoe, backfilling the hole with soil, sand, or sawdust as per your preference. We’ll dispose of the stump, or return it to you as wood chips for your garden. Let us know and we’ll bring it back in that form within the week!

Stump Grinding

Stump grinding is often deployed after a tree has been removed due to tree death. We use our state-of-the-art mechanical stump grinder, operated by one of our trained and machine-licensed professionals, to remove the entire tree stump. The grinder’s main feature is a steel cutting wheel with super-sharp teeth. The wheel spins at high speed to cut through and grind down the tree stump. We’ll make sure to refill the hole left behind and even plant a new tree in its place if requested.

Burning The Stump

Customers who prefer a more organic approach, or who have a well-rotted stump in need of removal, appreciate the option to burn the stump. This is something you could do at home without us – use a drill with spade bit and extender to drill several holes about 8-10 inches down into the center of the stump and then fill the holes with potassium nitrate followed by hot water. Make a triangle or ‘teepee’ out of scrap wood and light it. Your stump will ignite and, keeping an eye on it, you can just wait till the stump turns completely to ash and remove and/or backfill the ground material as you wish.

Chemical Stump Removal

Chemical removal is another viable option, but can only take place if the stump is older (at least up to a year old). Younger tree stumps are not dry enough. Chemically removing the stump entails drilling holes into the top of the stump in evenly spaced intervals. Powdered potassium nitrate is then poured into the holes and covered with water. This chemical speeds up the decomposition rate of the stump. In about 4-6 weeks the stump should soften up enough to be cut up into pieces and taken away. Once the stump itself is removed, the roots can then be soaked with a burning agent (takes approximately 1-2 weeks) and burned out. Clearly, this method is much more time consuming than others, and can be dangerous. The chemicals can be dangerous if ingested by animals or children, and the burning process requires painstaking vigilance.

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At Katy Tree Service, we recommend hiring a professional for stump removal, and these are the reasons why: (1) We have state-of-the-art equipment that we continually service, and our professional arborists know how to use with the utmost skill, (2) Our combined decades of experience, and extensive know-how make stump removal a much simpler task than attempting to do it yourself. We can quickly and proficiently remove those challenging stumps, regardless of size. (3) We can offer competitive pricing without lowering the quality of our service, and (4) We’re eco-friendly, certified professionals who know how to do stump removal in the most environmentally safe way.

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