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That previously handsome elm developing ugly exposed tentacles? Have You discovered a tree root is blocking your sewage system or damaging your foundation? Or perhaps your sidewalk is cracking up due to problematic roots. All of these situations can be very harmful or dangerous and need prompt removal. Our Tree Root removal services will take care of it. We have manual and mechanical tools for grinding down and cutting out tree roots quickly and efficiently.

Root removal is a job best left to professionals. DIY trimming or removing can affect the water flow from the root source to the tree, the structural integrity of the tree, and/or severely damage or kill the tree. It’s imperative that a safe and experienced approach is taken when pruning or removing tree roots. A certified arborist can offer the best solution, which will preserve the health and beauty of your trees.

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Reasons For Tree Root Removal

Removal is viable for roots damaging essential structures or pose safety risks

If a tree begins to grow in undesirable places, like into a sewer line, septic tank, or beneath a sidewalk, it’s crucial to trace it back to the tree’s base. If the root is large in diameter (more than 2 inches), removal may stop the tree from obtaining valuable nutrients and water that it needs to stay alive and flourish. However; if it’s a smaller root (less than 2 inches in diameter), it can most likely be pruned without any consequences. A general guideline is that roots 3-5 times the diameter away away from the tree are safe for pruning. Roots that are closer to the trunk or fused to the trunk can not be touched – they are integral to the tree’s health and structure. If the root has been assessed as minor, we can then mark off the area to be cut. Next, we dig around and along the root line to expose as much of it as possible. After exposing the roots, we use shears or saws to prune the root carefully. When removing the root, we install a root barrier in front of the area we want to protect. This barrier acts to prevent the root from growing back or growing offshoots in the same direction. We will refill the excavated area and level it out. Depending on the location on the property, we can also reseed and water the patch to make sure grass and other plant-life grow back quickly. It’s important to understand that root removal should only be an option if roots are physically damaging or infringing on essential structures. If you’re interested in removing a root for purely aesthetic reasons, there are other techniques that can address that.

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As tree roots grow out of heavily established trees, they can wreak havoc with pipes and sewage lines, in the worst cases causing pipes to burst especially if they have been already damaged. They’ve been known to ‘erupt’ under concrete sidewalks and cause tripping and falling accidents. If they’re growing close to water pipes they absorb the water and just get bigger! You want to avoid this so that there are clean lines between your trees, your pipes, and your sidewalk. Problem roots can take over your garden, feeding on all the organic material, causing your other plants to die.

Tree root removal is often needed at the same time as stump grinding or stump removal. Katy Tree Pros will assess your removal needs and deploy our first-class equipment and personnel accordingly.

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If your tree’s roots have gotten completely out of control or are damaging a structure on your property, give us a call for safe pruning or removal. Our ICA certified arborists will examine the situation and execute the removal in the safest, most efficient way possible for the tree and your lawn. We use all the latest tools and equipment to get the job done correctly. Our pricing is honest and fair, and we always give you the total upfront, so you’re never confronted with hidden fees or add-ons.

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