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Our customers have often told us how much they value our emergency tree removal service when the unexpected happens. There is nothing worse than having that tree in your yard crash into the back fence, causing all sorts of trouble with the neighbors; having a limb struck by lightning and destabilizing the whole tree, or even just running out of time to get that dead tree removed in time for a property sale. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for Emergency Tree Removal. And we won’t charge you the earth for it – you’ll need that to re-plant your tree! We also provide commercial tree removal services for emergency situations your business depends on. To learn more about the most common reasons for emergency tree removal services, please read the section below.
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Types of Tree Emergencies

The reasons for emergency tree removal services can be divided into two categories: a safety hazard or time-sensitive tree removal.

Storm Damage

  • We’re not strangers to heavy storms in Texas. Storms can happen in any season, and cause life-changing damage. Often when a tree is old or structurally weak it can easily fall or split. Strong winds can break off branches or even uproot trees, heavy snows can weigh down branches until they snap, and lightning can split and burn trunks, causing them to lean or fall. Typically, in these cases the entire tree or the fallen branches must be cut up and removed.
  • A diseased, deteriorating, or dead tree poses a threat to people and their property: In these cases, emergency tree removal is necessary as a preventative measure. If a tree is split, has cracked branches, or is leaning more than 15 degrees, it should be removed to prevent harm.

Time-sensitive Tree Removal

  • A tree, limb, or stump is jeopardizing a construction schedule.
  • A dying tree, hanging limb, or unsightly stump is compromising a property sale or open house.
  • A city official has mandated an immediate tree removal on your property.
  • A tree from a commercial property needs to be removed outside of business hours.
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Emergency Prevention

There are several ways you can keep your trees protected and prevent common safety hazards.  
  • Mulching: If your area is known for having severe seasonal storms, the root systems of your trees could be compromised. To give your trees an added layer of protection from strong winds, you can cover the base of the tree with mulch. This will help keep your tree rooted firmly.
  • Pruning: Trees with dense foliage are much more likely to break than those with fewer leaves and branches. This is because the wind cannot pass through the foliage, causing pressure and breakage. By keeping your trees pruned, you can reduce the risk of them suffering damage during storms. A professional will be able to prune your trees properly, reducing drag, and minimizing the risk of damage to you and your property.
  • Bracing & Cabling: For young trees with developing root systems or mature trees with structural deficiencies, you can prop, brace, or cable the tree to help it withstand strong winds and severe storms.
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Do You Need Urgent Tree Care?

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In Australia they call it ‘the widow-maker’ – the branch that cracks and falls of a tall, thick tree after a scorching hot day. We’re being dramatic, but there’s no getting around the fact that a fallen tree or tree branch is a huge risk for injury, death, and liability. If it happens suddenly, at night, or when there are small children running around, it can’t wait. Call Katy Tree Pro Services for our Emergency Tree Service – we’ll come out immediately, assess the situation, and remove the hazard safely and quickly. We keep an eye on the weather and we know these events are most likely to happen during or after a storm or other major weather event and are always ready to jump to it when you need us to take away that preventable risk. In other instances, a fallen or damaged tree might be a danger to cars in the parking lot of your commercial enterprise or to participants in your community event on a municipal site. Or a storm may have left your property in a mess of tree branches and organic debris, blocking drains and obstructing gutters. For all such incidents we offer same-day Emergency Tree Removal – making sure you can keep going with family life, doing business, or building the community without the risk of tree-related damage.
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