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What are the Top Benefits of Tree Trimming

Are you curious about the benefits of tree trimming? If you’ve ever owned property with lots of trees, you must understand that it’s super important to keep them properly trimmed. There are many methods, so it’s best to hire a professional arborist to take care of them to ensure their overall health and longevity.

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Tree Trimming Promotes Optimal Tree Health

Tree trimming is the best thing you can do to immensely improve the health of your trees. The first step is removing any dead or dying branches or limbs – this will improve your trees’ overall health and ultimately prevent any spread of decay. Removing decaying branches will all the trees to make room for new, healthy branches to grow.

Minimizes Safety Hazards

Dead branches that aren’t removed can pose a serious safety hazard to yourself and family members or could damage your property. Unpruned or untrimmed trees may interfere with electricity lines, impair visibility for drivers, or cause harm by falling on passersby. During heavy windstorms or thunderstorms, weak and decaying branches are even more prone to snapping off and falling. It’s best practice to remove them before bad weather comes to town.

Improves A Tree’s Overall Appearance

An added benefit of trimming and pruning your trees is how beautiful their appearance will be with proper care. This can greatly impact the overall curb appeal and allure of your home or property. Overgrown and unruly trees and bushes just make a home look uncared for and possibly abandoned. On the other hand, a properly maintained garden and trees can immensely increase a home’s market value.

Trees Will Experience Increased Air Circulation and Exposure to Sunlight

Keeping your trees properly trimmed and pruned will increase their exposure to the sun, as well as underlying plants and bushes. Not only that, but it will also help your tree get better air circulation between limbs and around other plants. These two factors make a huge impact on your trees’ overall health. If you leave overgrown branches to hang low, they will shade the area around them, which will ultimately prevent surrounding vegetation from receiving an adequate amount of sunlight.

Promotes Good Form & Tree Structure

Having your young trees trimmed and pruned by a professional will provide them with immense benefits in their early growing stages. With the correct tools, arborists can help guide the growth of young trees. An arborist can effectively prevent a tree from becoming top-heavy or lop-sided, which can lead to a host of other serious structural problems. By trimming and pruning, you can be certain your trees will mature with a strong foundation and support. It also helps compensate for root loss and promotes a nice, balanced shape.

Fights Insects and Infections

Besides all the other health benefits a tree will get with professional pruning, it will also more easily fight off common pests and infestations. It’s super important to prune off infected branches and limbs, as infestations and infections can spread like wildfire to other parts of the tree and structure. Dying or dead branches are the most susceptible, so they should be removed often.

In Conclusion: The Benefits of Tree Trimming Are Numerous

Trimming and pruning, as well as thinning your trees are vital practices that will keep them healthy, pest-free, hazard-free, and looking beautiful. At Superior Tree Service of Katy, we recommend hiring a professional to do this for large, difficult jobs. Don’t try to prune tall trees yourself, as it’s a dangerous job that requires professional skills. If you’re worried your trees aren’t in the best health, give us a call for an inspection. We’ll recommend the best course of action, so you can keep your trees looking and feeling great! We have the know-how, experience, and latest equipment to be able to handle any job!

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Do You Need Urgent Tree Care?

If so, don’t hesitate, call us now!

In Australia they call it ‘the widow-maker’ – the branch that cracks and falls of a tall, thick tree after a scorching hot day. We’re being dramatic, but there’s no getting around the fact that a fallen tree or tree branch is a huge risk for injury, death, and liability. If it happens suddenly, at night, or when there are small children running around, it can’t wait.

Call Katy Tree Pro Services for our Emergency Tree Service – we’ll come out immediately, assess the situation, and remove the hazard safely and quickly. We keep an eye on the weather and we know these events are most likely to happen during or after a storm or other major weather event and are always ready to jump to it when you need us to take away that preventable risk.

In other instances, a fallen or damaged tree might be a danger to cars in the parking lot of your commercial enterprise or to participants in your community event on a municipal site. Or a storm may have left your property in a mess of tree branches and organic debris, blocking drains and obstructing gutters.

For all such incidents we offer same-day Emergency Tree Removal – making sure you can keep going with family life, doing business, or building the community without the risk of tree-related damage.

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